A Little Somethin Somethin

Streets of Vancouver

In Search for the Truth

I Can’t Let Go

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Time Goes By

Into The Night

Beyond 2 Worlds

In Time

Take A Little Chance On Me

Chiggy Chiggy

Cuts from the CD  - “A Little Something Somethin” (c)1994 - 2007 Socan/BMI

Cuts from the CD  - “If You Will” (c)2008 - 2009 Socan/BMI

If You Will

Piano Thoughts

Cuts from the CD  - “Everyday Life” (c)2009 - 2011 Socan/BMI

May The Nation Rise Up

I’m A Kings Kid

What’s It Like In Heaven

New Piano Idea

Orchestral Endeavours (c)1994 - 1996 Socan/BMI

circa 1762 - Robin Hood Theme

Down To Basics