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Nature and Nurture has come into play for this composer ... a quick look into his family’s history shows musicians & fine artists from all walks of life. Combining this with being raised in a musical family has allowed him to express himself in the only way he knows best. 

Classically trained on piano, a once brass instrument player and singer has allowed him to explore and compose all styles of music. 

From Orchestral, Funk, Rock, Blues to Techno, Daniel has used each as an expression of himself while composing.

Daniel has played in multiple bands.  Trumpet in Jazz, Marching & Big Bands to keyboards in Funk, Rock, Blues and Gospel bands.

While working in the film industry Daniel was able to gain experience in aspects of hard FX, Voice Editing, Voice over AD, Sound Design, Ambience Design, Foley and Engineering.

Young2Young is available to assist in developing your musical masterpiece or

making that special jingle or theme song for your project.